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Dr. Michael M. Moon (SPHR), Vice President of Workforce Optimization Programs, has more than fifteen years of HR practitioner experience working at companies like Thomson Reuters, Vistaprint, Aon Hewitt, Raytheon and John Hancock in multiple areas, including HR Business Partner, HRIS, Talent & Development and People Analytics. She also has over ten years of experience in the selection and implementation of HR technologies.

Michael earned her Master’s in HR from Suffolk University and her PhD in Human Capital Management from Bellevue University. Her areas of research and expertise include: talent management, employee engagement, wellbeing, organizational culture, social technology adoption, HR analytics, and HR Technology.

Delivering a
A fundamental shift is occurring in how organizations view their role in the overall “well-being” of their workforce. More and more employers have begun to move away from seeing “wellness” as a benefits “program” implemented just a few times a year or as something that is solely the responsibility of HR toward an organization-wide initiative that is multi-faceted and ongoing.
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