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YES! to Employee Handbooks: Making the Most of a Powerful HR Tool
Over the years, we have had the opportunity to discuss various aspects of HR with senior executives from many different companies. One topic that has been interesting to gain some perspective on has been that of the employee handbook.
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As many of you know, the I-9 form is technically one of the few absolutely required forms in an employee file.  As of Jan. 22, 2017, employers are now required to use a new version of I-9 form to verify employment eligibility for new hires. ICE (Immigration & Customs Enforcement) has recently increased the frequency and intensity of the I-9 form (aka Employment Eligibility Verification form) audits. Employers must be certain they are compliant with the regulations for the I-9 form to avoid s...
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A Different Way to Think of the Purchase and Management of HR Technology
Technology is impacting the HR world much like other industries. Web and mobile technologies are simplifying the administration of many paper-based processes. Employees are now able to access needed information 24/7, and new solutions that extend the scope of HR and Benefits are entering the market. The opportunities to change the way HR is managed and even perceived within an organization are greater today than at any time in the past. However, while the technologies are advancing, the “ecosys...
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Delivering a
A fundamental shift is occurring in how organizations view their role in the overall “well-being” of their workforce. More and more employers have begun to move away from seeing “wellness” as a benefits “program” implemented just a few times a year or as something that is solely the responsibility of HR toward an organization-wide initiative that is multi-faceted and ongoing.
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ProHCM Is Here

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ProHCM Is Here
Since February 2001, it has been our vision to help employers help their employees develop better work-life balance and be happier at work and/or at home. If you are going to work hard to get through life I guess you deserve to be happy.
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